“Adapting to New Forestry: Unlocking Innovative Solutions”


at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Ottawa Ontario

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About the Conference

The 2024 DEMO International Technical Conference is a leading two-day event that precedes North America’s premier forestry equipment show. Organized by the Canadian Woodlands Forum in collaboration with the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, FP Innovations, and Université Laval, this conference is designed for industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders passionate about forestry innovation and sustainable practices.

Attendees will engage in a comprehensive program featuring expert-led sessions, cutting-edge research presentations, and interactive discussions on the latest advancements in forestry technology and management. The event aims to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation in forest management and wood product utilization.



(As of July 16, 2024) 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2024

Introducing our Keynote Speaker

Stéphane Renou

President and CEO of FPInnovations

Plenary Session 1

Tuesday, September 17

A native of Montréal, Stéphane Renou holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He also holds an MBA (Innovation Management) from the University of Colorado. In 2000, Stephane joined General Electric’s research centre to lead engineering divisions in the Aviation and Oil & Gas sectors worldwide. Stéphane Renou is currently President and CEO of FPInnovations, which specializes in the creation of scientific solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness.

For all speaker presentation descriptions:
Opening Event

7:30 AM - 8.30 AM

Registration and Reception
Plenary Session 1

8.30 AM - 11.30 AM

Welcome and Keynote

Welcome to the opening session of the 2024 DEMO International Conference that highlights the vital role forestry plays globally in sustaining our environment, economies, and communities. This session will emphasize our collective efforts and innovative strategies to promote sustainable forest management, ensuring a greener, more resilient future for generations to come.


Welcome Remarks

Dr. Amélie Roberge, Director General, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, of the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada


Stéphane Renou, President and CEO of FPInnovations

Enablers of a Digital Transformation of the Forest Sector in Canada

Adam Dick, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, of the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada Director, Strategic Operations

Digital Transition in Swedish Forest Operations – Examples from Practice and Applied Research

Magnus Thor, Skogsforsk

Plenary Session 2

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM

Bridging Generations: Adapting to Change and Shaping the Future of Forest Operations

Explore the evolving landscape of forestry through the perspectives of diverse generations. This session will address how traditional practices and modern innovations can be harmonized to enhance forest operations, ensuring sustainable and resilient management for future generations.


Pencil Crayons to Smartphones: Learning to Push the Buttons

Kevin Topolniski, Acadian Timber

Perspective of a Start-up in Forestry Sector

Francis Charette, Algorex


André Gravel, Solifor


Amélie Béchard, Ressources Baie-James

12.30 PM - 2.00 PM


Enjoy a buffet lunch, engage in networking opportunities, and explore the diverse DEMO International Exhibitor booths.

Concurrent Session 1

Stream A

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Logging Around the World

Perspectives from forestry contractors/entrepreneurs on meeting today’s challenges and an evolving supply chain business model.


Decarbonation: An Entrepreneurial Approach to the Challenge

Eric Bouchard, Senior Vice-president, Groupe Rémabec


Mathieu Leblanc, ACFOR


Matthew Mattioda, Miller Timber

A Small First Nation Making Big Impact in B.C.

Percy Guichon, Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. (CCR)/ Tŝideldel First Nation

Concurrent Session 1

Stream B

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Adapting Forest Management to a Changing Climate

Explore innovative strategies for forest management in the face of climate change, focusing on biodiversity conservation, climate simulations, and adaptive forest prescriptions. This session will highlight best practices for maintaining ecosystem health and resilience amidst evolving environmental conditions.


Forestry and Climate Change: Experience from Quebec

Evelyne Thiffault , Department of Wood and Forest Sciences - Université Laval Professor in Forest Ecology and Management


Alexis Achim, Université Laval

Leveraging Recent Findings on Tree Tolerance to Heat and Drought to Improve Forest Management

Loic D’Orangeville, Université Laval


Kate Lindsay, Forest Products Association of Canada

Forest Management and Timber Harvesting in Changing "Climates"

Lauri Sikanen, LUKE

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Wednesday, September 18, 2024

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Registration and Breakfast
Concurrent Session 2

Stream A

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Digital Forestry

Discover the cutting-edge advancements in "Digital Forestry," a session dedicated to exploring the integration of digital technologies in forest management.



Jean-Martin Lussier, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre


Luc Lebel, Université Laval / Gabriel Verret, Resolute

Enhancing Forest Sector Competitiveness with Digitalized Technology

Adime Bonsi, FPInnovations

Gaining Earlier Insights into the Timber Harvesting Supply Chain - The Forest Machine Connectivity Supercluster Project

Kevin Lim, Lim Geomatics

Concurrent Session 2

Stream B

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Low-carbon Wood Supply Chain

This session highlights innovative strategies to reduce carbon emissions throughout the wood supply chain. Discover how sustainable forestry practices, renewable energy sources, and efficient transportation methods, are shaping a greener future for wood production and distribution.


Emission Reduction Alternative for Forestry Transportation: Hybrid Electric Tractor Semi-trailer

Steve Mercier, FPInnovations


Rahul Lyer, Forac/ Université Laval

Concurrent Session 3

Stream A

10:30 AM - 12:30 AM


Explore the transformative potential of automated technologies in forestry operations.


Towards Autonomous Log Loading

Heshan Fernando, FPInnovations

AI and 3D Mapping in Forest Environments:Results and Lessons Learned from the Past Six Years

Philippe Giguere, Université Laval


Pierre Cormier, Resolute


Inna Sharf, McGill University

Concurrent Session 3

Stream B

10:30 AM - 12:30 AM

Adaptive Forest Management Practices

Hear engaging presentations on enhancing fire resilience, leveraging advanced planting machinery for reforestation, implementing ecological forestry principles, and optimizing biomass management.

Panel Discussion:

Navigating the Future: Perspectives on Creating Value, Economic Prosperity, and Sustainable Forestry Growth


Increasing Harvest Intensity to Promote Stand Renewal Using Integrated Forest Operations

Claudie-Maude Canuel. Université Laval/ Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

LiDAR Mapping in Wildfire Management and Fuel Treatment Planning

Vesa Leppanen, Arbonaut

Nova Scotia, the TRIAD Model and Adaptive Management

Brad Butt, Dept. of Natural Resources and Renewables Manager of Forest Management Planning

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM


DEMO International Show Welcome by host, SBC Cedar
Buffet lunch, engage in networking opportunities, and explore the diverse DEMO International Exhibitor booths.
Plenary Session 3

2:00 PM - 5:00PM

Forest Joensuu Finland

Finland is a pioneer in the sustainable development of the forest bioeconomy, developing innovative solutions and best practices that enhance efficiency and economic viability within the sector. In this workshop, learn from the Finnish experience and how that translates into growth and opportunities within the Canadian context.

Panel Discussion:

Navigating the Future: Perspectives on Creating Value, Economic Prosperity, and Sustainable Forestry Growth

Welcome Remarks

Jaakko Autere, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Finland to Canada

Joensuu - The Forest Capital of Europe. Essential Features and Innovative Value Chain Linkages: The Role of Biocarbon in Enhancing the Economic Viability of the Forestry Sector

Seppo Tossavainen, Head of Economic and International Affairs, City of Joensuu

Regional Approach in Creating Economic Prosperity with Sustainable Forestry Practices

Lauri Sikanen, Principal Scientist, Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE)

Finnish Solutions for First Nations’ Challenges – Full Value Chain Approach

Pasi Pinta, Honorary Consul, EHP Environmental Solutions Canada Ltd.

Transforming Forest Management: Finland-Canada Partnership Fueling Innovation and Success in the Forestry Sector

Dominik Roeser, Associate Dean, Research Forests & Community Engagement, University of British Columbia

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A special rate of $269 CAD per night (Sept 16-21, 2024) is available for conference attendees.The last day to book is Tuesday, August 27, 2024.
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